Friends recommended Brian and Alison,
and I’m so glad they did.

With extensive hardscaping — rock walls, steps, and patio — complete, I’ve gotten a full experience of their business sense and the importance of their relationships with customers; and I’ve also witnessed the fruition of their artistry. With the former, I found the communication they encouraged related to budget, shifting scope of work, then followed up with ongoing check-ins, to be refreshing and empowering. I also have come away feeling completely “heard” in my priorities, aesthetic and financial. As far as the “art”, they worked with the challenging topography of my site, crafting the transitions in elevation, with walls and walkways, which upon completion look to be part of the landscape, and merely a sweet and functional enhancement of what nature provided, rather than a battle to beat back college hill (which was my bias) ! Thank you, thank you!
~Maxine Christopher

They can handle the largest, most complex jobs with style, grace, and hard work.

Throughout the last five years it has been our pleasure to have worked with Brian and Alison Scarpella from Down to Earth Landscaping. They have become one of the top performing landscaping companies in Durango, distinguishing themselves with creative colorful plant design and the solid structure of beautiful rock work. With excellent communication skills, Brian and Alison have proved they can handle the largest, most complex jobs with style, grace, and hard work. While creating breathtaking landscapes, they also keep a sharp eye on timelines and budgets. On projects small to large, Down to Earth landscape services will add value to any property they work on.
~Durango Nursery and Supply

We highly recommend using Down to Earth for all your landscaping needs.

We appreciate the professional relationship we have with Alison & Brian. We are thrilled with the their knowledge and attention to details with all levels of landscaping. Communication and customer service are key element in business and they are top notch and rock solid in these areas!
~Jack and Beverly Vaughn